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Business Development 

Distribution Network

We offer a unique global coverage for distribution scale-up by leading executives in the Medical Device industry.

Building a distribution and sales network is a very complex and resource demanding process for any company.

Every market has its value. Some are easy to enter but hard to maintain and some are hard to enter and easy to maintain, but they all have their barriers to exploit the full market potential ideally. Our team has the right expertise and experience to lead the way for the right market entry strategy and execution.

Using our numerous contacts and network, our languages and cultures know how and our past success cases, we can enter almost any market quickly and effectively. Shortening the market entry process by outsourcing an experienced team is a very cost effective process which lower the risk of wasting your investment in the target market for nothing.

Dist Network

GTM Planning & Execution


Planning the right GTM strategy and executing it is one of the most critical phases of every company. Our vast accumulated knowhow enables us to help you build the best GTM plan.

Building your network right has a clear effect on your company performance.

Our team have done distribution network build-up numerous times, accounts for billions in sales, and can guide your Sales and Marketing team on the best strategies and execution tactics to eventually boost your sales and earnings.

The main sectors we master are:

* Medical Technologies

* Medical Aesthetics

* Pharmaceuticals

* Consumer goods


Technology & Product Scouting

In today's competitive landscape, having the right technology or product is essential to keep on running. Our wide and extensive know how of the market allow us to offer you an edge over your competitors by exposing you always to the top and latest technology and products of your field of interest.

Knowing these industries from inside, including manufacturing costs and margins, we are able to offer you better purchasing power and negotiate for you the best deal.

Our sourcing service is offered only to large purchasing power corporations in the fields of:

* Medical Aesthetic

* Devices and Topicals

* Medical Devices

* Pharmaceuticals

* Home use aesthetic devices

Tech & Product
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