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Investment Banking

Investment Banking

We are offering mid-stage investment banking through our partners Cukierman Investment House, the leading investment house in Israel.

Our unique proposition in Investment Banking is the fact that most of us are coming from commercial background and have the vision of how to build-up the business model and bring up the profits from any corporation.

Our expertize allow us to effectively prepare any company for fund raising. from start-up phases, growth and distress stages.  

Our global network allows us to brings funds, technologies and companies from around the world.

We offer technology and companies sourcing, finding the right partners for an effective and smooth M&A deal.

The fruitful Israeli start-up arena brings endless opportunities while the Chinese thirst for technologies and endless resources makes a perfect match between these two markets. We are here to maximize this potential.

Invst Banking

Mergers & Acquisitions


M&A is an essential part of any mid-large corporation to allow innovation and exponential growth. Using our experience, contacts and partners, we assist both ends, Sellers and Buyers.


Our service is tailor made according to the needs and can include Scouting (Of sellers and buyers), basic and comprehensive Due Diligence, Negotiations, Merger Escort,  and more...


Equity Financing

Allocating sufficient cash is one of the most difficult tasks growing companies are facing. Using our network and experience we will be able to prepare a company for financing, construct a proposal,  and spread the proposal to hundreds of potential investors.

We are also offering investors scouting service for interesting investment opportunities.


Total Due Diligence


It doesn't matter if it is for investment, merger or acquisition, a high quality Due Diligence process is very valuable.

We gathered the best of the best advisers to form a DD group able to give all aspects required - Commercial, Financial, Legal, Regulatory, Strategic Marketing, Appraisal, Clinical and more....

Key people at the global companies as PWC and Meitar will offer their services and vast experience as advisers for successful process and full transparency.

Due Diligence
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