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Strategic Consultation

Strategic Consultation

    Does your company have a clear and vivid view of its Strategic Path? Do you know what is your focus? Where should you begin? What not to do? 

   Every business needs to focus on a clear path, while having enough flexibility to use opportunities and divert accordingly. We will analyze the business, the market and the needs and help you get to a clear strategic plan together with actionable action plan, helping you to grow and succeed with your vision and strategic goals. The strategic plan is the base to all other plans, budgets and everyday operation of any company. 

   The extensive experience of our team is able to compose a process of strategic planning which will serve as the basis of all other processes and activities of your company. 

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Strategic Plan

Game Strategy Plan

Before you start any planning, you should have a very clear and professional Strategic Plan which is the result of a Strategic Planning process. 

The plan should define your short and long terms goals, analyze the market needs, trends and opportunities, Analyze the core competence of the company and define your focused action plan and opportunistic vision.

The plan should be used as the basis for all other plans and planning processes in the company as a full Business Plan, Financial Plan, Marketing Strategy plan, Annual Plan. Budgets and more.

Strategic Plan should be composed when building a business plan for a new business, whenever results are not satisfying in an existing business and when the vision and path are questionable. 

Strategic Plan

Turn-Around Plan

Sometimes things needs some RESTART and having an external consultant which will evaluate your status and propose a new path, can be very valuable. 

When your business is not performing well and everything looks like in a dead-end, its time for a Turn-Around plan and process.

We will compose a full set of plans for a success Turn-Around of a company starting from a Strategic Plan, Organizational Plan, Financial Planning, Re branding and more....

Our experts can lead and escort you through this entire promising process towards a new successful horizon.

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Turn-Around Plan

Full Business Plan

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A well structured business plan is one of the most valuable tools a management could have. Its should summarize the actionable plans derived from the company's strategic planning and include essences of all plans - Marketing, Financial, Organizational, Operational. 

A well built Business Plan should analyze the market, state the company's mission along with short and long terms goals and should state a clear action plan for the next 3-5 years, backed with a detailed financial plan used for bench-marking, due-diligence and your annual budgeting process.

Business Plan
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